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Swing Over Bed:

 410mm 16"

3 jaw chuck
Swing Over Cross Slide:

255mm 10"

Change gears set
Swing in Gap:
580mm 23"

Center Height:

205mm 8"

Chasing dial indicator
Distance Between Centers:
1000mm 40"/1500mm 60"
Bed Width:
 250mm 10"
Reduction sleeve
Max. Section of Tool:  
20 x 20mm 3/4" x 3/4"
Dead centers
Max. Travel of Cross Slide:
210mm 8-1/2"
Full length splash guard
Max. Travel of Compound Rest:
140mm 5-1/2"
Coolant system
Spindle Bore:
52mm 2"
Brake system
Spindle Nose:
4 jaw chuck

Taper of Spindle Bore:

Face plate
Range of Spindle Speed:
16 changs 45-1800r/min
Steady rest
Leadscrew Pitch:
Inch Threads Range:
2-72T.P.I (NO.45)
Follow rest
Metric Threads Range:
0.2-14mm (NO.39)
Tool box & tools
Inch Longitudinal Feeds Range:
0.002"-0.067"/Rev(17 Nos)
Metric Longitudinal Feeds Range:
0.05-1.7mm/Rev(17 Nos)
Inch Cross Feeds Range:
0.001"-0.0335"/Rev(17 Nos)
Metric Cross Feeds Range:
 0.025-0.85mm/Rev(17 Nos)
Taper turning attachment
Module Pitches Range:
0.3-3.5M.P.(18 Nos)
Live center
Diametrical Pitches Range:  8-44D.P.(21 Nos)
Work light
Travel of Tailstock Sleeve:
 120mm 4-3/4"
Leadscrew guard
Dia. of Tailstock Sleeve:
50mm 2"
Digital readout
Morse Taper of Tailstock Sleeve:


 Quick change tool post
Power of Main Motor:

 2.2/3.3kw (optional 3/4.5kw)

 Chuck guard
Power of Coolant Pump:
4P,3PH 90W
 Digital readout (2 Axis)
Overall Dimension(L x W x H)mm:
1940 x 850 x 1320mm
 Drill chuck + Drill arbor
Packing Size (L x W x H)mm:
2070 x 940 x 1600mm
Net Weight/Gross Weight:

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