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J & W Official Announcemen..
JG1265H Series
JG1265H Series Vertical Machining Center

The pre-tension precision angular contact ball bearings imported from abroad, offer maximum rigidity and precision of spindle. Main spindle adopt AC servo or inverter unit, so spindle with high rigid and little vibration.
Ballscrew adopt super long high precious C3 grade double nuts preloaded, this ensures high positioning accuracy and reliability
With special guideway seat design, narrow guide distance, wide guide face, supporting on whole travel range, sliding guideways series machining center have the advantages of no overhang, strong load and larger torque cutting, also coated with wearable TURCITE-B fluorin resin plastics, and presious scratch and grind by hand, make axes smoothly motion and machine have unvarying precision.
RENISHAW double frequency laser interferometer is used to test the positioning accuracy and repeatability of machine and ensures high precious pitch compensation and backlash compensation.
Important elements and test pieces cut on the machine are tested by BROWN & SHARPE 3D coordinate measuring machine.
Sliding guideway series machining center have wide guideway and good loading capacity, they are suitable for high rigidity, high precision and high efficiency machining occasions.
Positive-displacement timing and rationing centralization lubrication system is used. This ensures every oil site is lubricated with sufficient oil. Bothe oil low level buzzer and PLC give warning signal reminding the operator of adding lubricant.
Large power, large capacity and high lift coolant pump ensure sufficient cooling and effective chip flushing (optional)
SPECIFICATIONS:   JG1265H   JG1370H  JG1475H  JG1580H  JG1680H
Worktable size  650 X 1400 mm  700 X 1500 mm  750 x1600 mm  800 x 1700 mm  800 x 1800 mm
T-slot size

 5 X 18 mm

 5 x 22 mm

T-slot pitch  125 mm

 140 mm

 150 mm

Cross travel(X axle)

 1200 mm

 1400 mm  1500 mm  1600 mm

Longitudinal travel (Y axle)

 650 mm  700 mm  750 mm

 800 mm

Vertical travel(Z axle)

 650 mm

 690 mm

Distance between column guide and spindle center  700 mm

 820 mm

 850 mm

Distance between spindle nose and table  130-780 mm

 100-750 mm

 150-840 mm

Spindle hole taper  BT40(BT50)


Spindle power

 11/15 kw


Spindle speed   6000(8000) rpm

 6000 rpm

Feed speed

 5000 mm/min

Rapid travel (X/Y/Z)

 15/15/12 m/min

 12 m/min

Positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z)  ±0.012 mm

 ±0.015 mm

Re-positioning accuracy(X,Y,Z)  ±0.008 mm

 ±0.01 mm

Overall size(L x W x H)  3400 x 2800 x 3000 mm  3900 x 3060 x 3000 mm  3900 x 3060 x 3100 mm  4300 x 3600 x 3200 mm  4500 x 3600 x 3200 mm
Max. worktable capacity

 1200 kg

 1300 kg  1500 kg  1600 kg
Weight of machine  9500 kg  10500 kg  11000 kg  14000 kg  14500 kg

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