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Universal Knee-type Milling Machine - X6132H

Model X6132H universal knee-type milling machine is suit for milling flat, inclined face, angle surface, slots by employing disc cutters, angular cutters, formed cutters and face metal milling cutters. When mounted with the index, the machine will be able to perform milling operations in gears, cutter, helix groove, cam and tub wheel. The longitudinal, cross and vertical movements of the table can both be operated by hand and power, and it can be rapid moved. Working table and slide ways adopted quality cast hardened ensure high accuracy.


X6132H x 16
Table size
320 x 1320mm
320 x 1600mm
T slots (N x W x D)
3 x 18 x 80mm
3 x 18 x 80mm
Table load-bearing 550kg 550kg
Longitudinal travel(Manual/Power) X 800/780mm 1020/1000mm
Cross travel(Manual/Power) Y 300/280mm 300/280mm
Vertical travel(Manual/Power) Z 410/400mm 410/400mm
Max. rotary angle of table ±45° ±45°
Feed speed steps 18 steps 18 steps
Feed speed ranges: Longitudinal X 15~750mm/min 15~750mm/min
Cross Y
15~750mm/min 15~750mm/min
Vertical Z
5.7~280mm/min 5.7~280mm/min
Rapid feed ranges: Longitudinal X
2250mm/min 2250mm/min
Cross Y
Vertical Z
844mm/min 844mm/min
Distance from spindle center to arm
Distance between table center to vertical guide way
Arbor diameter
ф22 ф27 ф32mm
ф22 ф27 ф32mm
Min. distance from spindle center to table
Spindle hole taper
7:24 No:50
7:24 No:50
Diameter of spindle hole
Spindle speed steps 18 steps 18 steps
Spindle speed ranges 30~1500r/min 30~1500r/min
Main motor power 7.5kw 7.5kw
Feed motor power 1.5kw 1.5kw
Cooling pump power 0.12kw 0.12kw
Overall size 2327 x 1792 x 1720mm 2327 x 2028 x 2096mm
Packing box size (Export) 2240 x 1790 x 1900mm
2220 x 2180 x 2200mm
Net weight 3300kg 3350kg
Voltage/Frequency 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ

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