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J & W Official Announcemen..
CNC Horizontal Gear Shaping Machine - STC4220J/STC4232J

Axial shaving and plunge-in shaving operations are avaiable.
Crowned gear and tapered gear can be shaved on the machine.

The machine is 2-axis controlled(radial and axial motions)and driven by a servo motor system.

High precision and high-rigidity bearings are adopter for the spindle and the tailstock.
The worktable and crowning mechanism are of high rigidity.
High-rigidity and high-precision ball screws are used for the radial,axial and tangential motions.
Rversible magnetic chip conveyor.


Max.Workpiece dia. 200mm 320mm
Max.Workpiece module 8mm(for axial shaving) 8mm 8mm
Max.Workpiece module 8mm(for plunge-in shaving) 6mm 6mm distance 500mm 500mm of worktable in axial direction 150mm 150mm
Distance between workpiece center max.: 220mm 270mm
And cutter center workpiece center min.: 115mm 115mm
Swivel angle of cutter head ±30 ±30
Cutter rotation speed 55~270rpm 55~270rpm
Axialfeedrate of worktable 10~300mm/min 10~300mm/min
Rapid cutter feed in radial direction 320mm/min 320mm/min
Radial federate of cutter 0.2~4mm/min 0.2~4mm/min
Max.cutter outer dia. 240mm 240mm
Dia. Of cutter hole 63.5mm 63.5mm
Main drive motor(high ship motor) 4kw 1500rpm 4kw 1500rpm
Overall dimensions of machine: 2055x2255x2365 2055x2255x2365
  2055x2255x2415 2055x2255x2415 weight of machine 4500kg 4500kg

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