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SCC5165J Series
CNC Horizontal Gear Shaping Machine - SCC5165J Series

The model SCC5165J is a 5-axis CNC gear shaping machine with 3 of the 5 axes working under gang control.The 5 axes are:Radial feed motion (X axis),Worktable rotation motion(C2 axis),indexing motion(C1 axis),Station adjustment motion (Z axis),and Cutter spindle rotation controlled by frequency motor.The machine have high rigidity,high precision,perfect fuction,and easy adjustment.The machine is suitable to cut the internal and extermal gears the diameter below 650mm.
The machine adopt the hydrostatic guideway and hydrostatic bearing on the cutter head and the two-cam cutter relieving.

The cutter spindle use a new struction to be sure the long stroke length and large cutting force. The cutter spindle can automatic adjust at discretion in the stoke length.

Equipped with the simense 802D,the machine has a nice resetting accuracy and self-diagnosis ability for troubles.The CNC system have the safety interlock protect fuction,cut parameter and operation interface protect fuction. The machine operate by parameterization program and easy to operate.


SCC5180J SCC51100J SCC51125J
Max.workpiece dia. External gear 650mm 800mm 1000mm 1250mm
Max.workpiece dia. Internal gear 300+dmm 400+dmm 500+dmm 1350mm
Max.module 12mm 12mm 12mm 16mm
Max.stroke length 230mm 230mm 230mm 305mm
Max.face width 200mm 200mm 200mm 280mm
Distance from cutter spindle nose to worktable face 130~360mm 130~360mm 130-360mm 130-360mm
Distance from cutter center to worktable center 0~650mm 0-650mm 0-650mm 0-650mm
Dia. of worktable 680mm 850mm 1000mm 1190mm
Dia. of worktable hole 200mm 200mm 200mm 280mm
Cutter spindle back-of at its upmost position >0.7mm >0.7mm >0.7mm >0.7mm
Column offset foroblique cutter relieving ±25mm ±25mm ±25mm ±25mm
Worktable radial feed(infinitely variable) 0.001-0.02mm/str 0.001-0.02mm/str 0.001-0.02mm/str 0.001-0.02mm/str
Strokerate of cutter spindle(infinitely variable) 30~300str/min 30~300str/min 30~300str/min 30-180str/min
Circular federate of cutter        
Max.speed 8.3rpm 8.3rpm 8.3rpm 8.3rpm
Max.worktable rotation speed 2000mm/min 2000mm/min 2000mm/min 2000mm/min
Max.rapid travel of worktable per minute 6.3rpm 5.8rpm 5.3rpm 4rpm
Max.of station adjustment speed 500mm/min 500mm/min 500mm/min 500mm/min
Main drive motor power 18.5kw 18.5kw 18.5kw 22kw
Main drive motor speed 3000rpm 3000rpm 3000rpm 1000rpm
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 3600x1700x2900mm 3600x1700x2900mm 3600x1700x2900mm 3600x1700x2900mm
Net weight 15000kg 15800kg 16500kg 18000kg

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