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CNC Horizontal Gear Shaping Machine - SCC5132J

The CNC Gear Shaping Machine Model Scc 5132CNC works under the control of a Sinumerik 802D CNC system.
The drive to the X-,B- & C-axis is transmitted from their respective AC servo motors. The said 3 axes can be moved simultaneously in the cutting operation.

The machining program can be edited by the parameterized programming method. And the machine can be set up and operated through an easy-to-operate man-and-machine interface.

The machine features in reliable performance, short transmission chain,smooth running, high rigidity, high productivety and less noise.
The Model YN5132 works by using a rotary gear-shaping cutter and is designed for cutting cylinderical straight disc-gears,duplex gears, internal& external gear and segment gears.
Upon customers'request,the machine can be equipped with special attachments for cutting rack bars,shaft gears,helical gears,little tapered gear teeth and crowned gear teeth.
Due to its versatile functions and wide adaptability,the present machine is well-suited for batch and mass production of gears in the automobile,tractor and special gear-manufacturing industries,and also well-recommended for small-batch and job lot production of gears in the machine tool and other machine-building industries.


Max.diameter of workpiece: External gears 320mm
Internal gears with a mounting diameter of 400mm 220+dmm
Max. module to be cut 6mm
Max.face width to be cut 70mm
Max.facewidth 84mm
Max.stroke length 160~1000str/min
Spindle diameter 85mm
Distance from the cutter mounting surface to the worktable (Riser blocks are available upon customers request.) 120~230mm
Distance from the cutter to the worktable -110~265mm
Diameter of the worktable 380mm
Worktable bore 120mm
Cutter spindle back-off at its top-most position >0.5mm
Column offset for the oblique cutter back-off motion ±20mm
Radial federates(infinitely variable) 2~16mm
Total power consumption/power of the main drive motor 20KVA/7.5kw
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 300x320x230 cm
Dimensions of packing cases (LxWxH)  
Basic machine 325x196x275cm
Coolant & chip conveyor 232x148x159cm
Control cabinet 170x120x252cm
Net/gross weight:  
Basic machine 7000/7500kg
Coolant & chip converyor 600/680kg
Control cabinet 300/380kg

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