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CNC Horizontal Gear Shaping Machine - SCC 2150 J

The primary motion of the machine is frequency controlled,and therefore is easy and simple to adjust.Hydrostatic guide way and hydrostatic bearings are adopted on the cutter head to ensure a high guiding accuracy and to enable the machine performing high speed cutting operations.The newly developed two-cam cutter relieving mechanism has substantially minimized the machine's vibration.The guideways are hardened and coated with a HNT wear-resistance coating.The hydraulic oil tank and coolant tank are independently separared. The cooling oil runs around the machine bed for an ideal thermal balance. High precision double-lead worm shafts are adopted on the cutter head and worktable.
The model SCC5120CNC is a high-speed gear shaping machine with 4 axes controlled by a CNC system,and 3 of the 4 axes are under gang control.The machine can perform a strokerate up to 1750 strokes per minute and it has a wide range of circular feed and radial feed. Various cutting cycles can be performed on the machine through simple programming,and rapid circular federate is also available.The cutting speed can be automatically switched between rough cutting and finish cutting.
The machine is featured in high rigidity,unique design,versatile functions and nice reliability,thus being well-suited for mass batch production of cylindrical internal and external gears, cluster gears with shoulders,segment gears and engaging gears.

Equipped with an imported CNC system, the machine has a nice resetting accuracy and self diagnosis ability for troubles.Circular feed,radial feed and indrxing motion are all under digital and accurate control.Parametrization program compilation makes the machine easy and convenient for operation.

Upon the user's special request,the machine can be provided with an automatic workpiece loading and unloading device,counter column for cutting shaft gears,helical guide for cutting helical gears as well as the deburring unit.

SCC 5120 J

Max.workpiece dia.extemal gear 200mm
Max.workpiece dia.internal gear 110+dmm
Max.module 4mm
Max.face width 40mm
Max.length of gear rack to be cut 450mm
Max.helix angle 40deg
Strokerate of cutters pindle per minute 265~1050str/min
Circular feed of cutter/per min.(when cutter dia.is100mm),infinitelyvariable. 20~550mm
Radial feed of worktable/per min.,infinitely variable 2~4mm
Max.rapid travel of worktable per minute 2000mm/min
Cutter spindle back-off at its upmost position >0.5mm
Column offset foroblique cutter releving ±20mm
Max.stroke length of cutter spindle 50mm
Diameter of worktable face 320mm
Diameter of worktable hole 100mm
Disance from cutter center to worktable center -50~185mm
Main drive motor power 5.5kw
Main drive motor speed 1500rpm
Circular feed servo motor power 3.5kw
Circular feed servo motor speed 1500rpm
Radial feed servo motor 3.5kw
Radial feed servo speed 1500rpm
Indexing servo motor 3.5kw
Indexing servo speed 1500rpm
Hydraulic pump motor 1.5kw
Hydraulic pump speed 1500rpm
Chip conveyor motor 0.37kw
Chip conveyor speed 1000rpm
Cooling pump motor 0.25kw
Cooling pump speed 2800rpm
Machine net weight 5000kg
Machine`s overall dimensions(LxWxH) 2010x1290x1982mm

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