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Gear Shaping Machine - CC5150J ( Economy) / PCC5150J ( Precision )


The machine is a vertical design semi-automatic gear shaping machine controlled by a PLC. The cutter relieving can be made in two directions by the swing of cutter head for cutting internal and external gears, and the radial feed is implemented by the travel of worktable. Cutter relieving in oblique direction is finished through the offset of the column. The semi-automatic cutting cycle of the machine is controlled by a PLC and is therefore stable and reliable.

The machine is designed for cutting cylindrical disc-type spur gear, cluster gear, internal gear, exteral gear and gear segment. Gears with a diameter up to 500mm, module up to 8mm and face width up to 125mm can be cut on this machine. Upon special request, the machine can be provided with optional attachments for cutting gear rack, shaft gear, helical gear and little tapered gear.
The machine is featured in smooth running, low noise, versatile functions, nice adaptablity, easy set-up and simple operation, thus being well-suited for mass batch production of rears adopted on automobiles and tractors. The machine can be also used for small batch and job-lot gear production.
The long stroke length of the cutter spindle enable the machine to cut deep internal gear teeth. The one-can cutter relieving design and the unique adjusting mechanism enables the machine to perform both inward and outward cutter back-off, so it is not necessary to change the cam or disconnect the transmission chain for making any adjustment when cutting an internal gear.
Main spindle speed and circular federate can be automatically switched between rough cut and finish cut. Circular federate is infinitely variable and can be preset in any ratio for both roughing and finishing. Radial federate is infinitly variable, and the number and depth of radial cut-in can be freely set according to user's need. Once the radial feed is finished, the worktable will be automatically clamped and this assures the stability of the workpiece position and creats a nice working accuracy.



Max. workpiece dia.
external gear
internal gear (mounting dia.)
Max. module

Max. face width


Max. length of gear rack to be cut 630mm
Max. helix angle


Stroke rate of cutter spindle per minute




330 400
Circular feed/per min (when cutter dia. is 100mm) 15-600mm
Radial feed/per min, infinitely variable 2-20mm
Max. rapid travel of worktable 180mm
Cutter spindle back-off at its up-most position >0.35mm
Column offset for oblique cutter relieving ±30mm
Max. stroke length of cutter spindle 140mm
Diameter of worktable face 550mm
Diameter of worktable bore 160mm
Distance from cutter center to worktable center 0-340mm
Distance from cutter spindle nose to worktable face 120-300mm
Distance from tailstock center to worktable face 190-650mm
Main drive motor power 3/4kw
Main drive motor speed 960/1430rpm
DC motor for circular feed power 2.2kw
DC motor for circular feed speed 1500rpm
Hydraulic pump motor power 1.5kw
Hydraulic pump motor speed 1400rpm
Chip conveyor motor power 0.37kw
Chip conveyor motor speed 900rpm
Cooling pump motor power 0.12kw
Cooling pump motor speed 2800rpm
Net weight of machine 6000kg
Overall dimensions ( L×W×H ) 2070×1260×2210mm

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