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SGC3163J2 Series
CNC Horizontal Gear Shaping Machine - SGC3163J2 Series

The Model SGC3163 is CNC Gear Hobbing Machines equipped with the Siemens 802D CNC system. The main drive is transmitted,at an infinitely variable speed,from a frequency-controlled motor. The X-axis and the Z-axis, actuated by independent AC servo motors,can be moved simultaneously.
The machines feature in reliable safety, short transmission chain,smooth running,robust structure,rigid transmission,less floor space coverage,wide range of applications and high performance--price ratio.

The Models YKN3163 is CNC Gear Hobbing Machines designed for cutting cylindrical straight gears,helical gears,sprockets and short spline shafts by the continuous indexing method. If required by the customer,the machines are capable of cutting workwheels by the radial power infeed method. The machines are also capable of cutting little tapered gear teeth,the crowned gear teeth and the like special gears.

The machines are versatile in functions and well adaptive to different applications. They are not only well-suited for batch production of gears in the manufacturing industies of automoblie,tractor,metallurgical machinery and transportation machinery,but also well-recommended for small batch production or jot-lot production of gears in the machine tools and machine-building industries.


Max.diameter to be hobbed 800mm 630mm
Max.module to be hobbed 10mm 10mm
Max.helix angle ±45deg ±45deg
Min.No.of gear teeth to be hobbed(k=1) 5 5
Slide travel 340mm 340mm
Max.hob diameter 170mm 160mm
Max.hob length 210mm 210mm
Max.hob shift 160mm 80mm
Diameters of interchangeable hob arbors 27、32、40、50mm 27、32、40、50mm
Cone of the hob spindle bore Morse Taper 5# Morse Taper 5#
Hob spindle speeds,infinitely variable 50~315rpm 50~315rpm
Distance from the hob center to the worktable center 55~435mm 55~435mm
Distance from the hob center to the worktable 250~590mm 250~590mm
Axial feedrates(Z-axis), infinitely variable 1~500mm/min 1~500mm/min
Rapid travel speed of the hob head slide 1000mm/min 1000mm/min
Swiveling angularity of the hob head slide per rev.of the crank handle 1deg 1deg
Swivel angle of the worktable -60deg~150deg -60deg~150deg
Diameter of the worktable 600mm 600mm
Worktable bore 80mm 80mm
Distance from the tailstock center to the worktable 350~805 350~805
Pitche diameter X module of the indexing wormwheel 504~5.25mm 504~5.25mm
Radial feedrates (X-axis), infinitely variable 1~500mm/min 1~500mm/min
Rapid running speed of the worktable 1200mm/min 1200mm/min
Power of the main drive motor 11kw 11kw
Total power consumption 22.755kw 22.7kw
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 240x139x178 cm 240x139x178 cm
Net weight 6500kg 6500kg

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