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SGC3140J4 Series
CNC Horizontal Gear Shaping Machine - SGC3140J4 Series

The model SGC3140CNC is a high-speed gear hobbing machine with six axes controlled.By b siemens 840D system.
The six working axes are respectively radial feed of Column,axial feed of hob head,cutter spindle rotation,worktable rotantion,hob head swivel and tangential hob shifting.(radial feed of column,axial feed of hob head,cutter spindle rotation and worktable rotation).Exchange gears adopted on old gear hobbing machines are now replace by electronic gear boxes,and therefore the machines is featured in nice transmission rigidtiy,high working accuracy and very easy setting-up and operation.

The cutter spindle spindle and worktable spindle are supported by rolling bearings and actuated by cylindrical gear pairs.

Sliding guideays of column are of steel material and coated with Teflon and tharefore features in ample bearing force and nice bibration rssistance.To guarantee the machine's cutting accuracy,heat-exchange measures have been taken to create a the mathine is high in working rigidity and Stable in cutting accuracy and can perform high-efficiency and high-precision cutting operations gears with a module up to 12.


Max.diameter to be cut 400mm 400mm
Max.module of workpiece 12mm 12mm
Travel length of hob head silde 400mm 400mm
Max.hellix angle to be cut ±45deg ±45deg
Max.diameter of hobbing cutter 170mm 170mm
Max.length of hobbing cutter 220mm 220mm
Max.diameter of hobbing cutter 180mm 180mm
Max.hob shift length SK50 SK50
Inner taper of spindle bore 60~315mm 60~315mm
Distance form hob center to worktable center 180~580mm 580180mm
Distance form hob center to worktable surface 280~780mm 280~780mm
Distance form tailstock center to worktable surface 400mm 400mm
Distance of worktable face 1210mm 1210mm
Distance form worktable face to machine base 60~800rpm 60~800rpm
Cutter spindle speed 100rpm 100rpm
Max.rotatation speed of worktable 1~3000mm/min 1~3000mm/min
Radial feedrate 3000mm/min 3000mm/min
Rapid radial feedrate 1~1000mm/min 1~1000mm/min
Axial feedrate 3000mm/min 3000mm/min
Rapid tangential travel speed 960mm/min 288mm/min
Hob head swivel speed 0.04deg/sec 0.028deg/sec
Power of main drive motor 15kw 15kw
Total power capacitiy of machine 58.75kw 57.65kw
Net weight of machine 15000kg 15000kg
Number of controlled axes 6 4

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