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Lathe - GH1440A

Hardened and ground bedways
16 speeds all geared headstock
Footbrake giving rapid braking
Emergency stop button equipped on the front of headstock
Jog button for easy gear engagement and inching spindle
One-piece cast iron base
Extra safety switch shuts down machine entirely for changing belt or gear for threading cutting



Steady Rest
Max.swing diameter over bed

 360mm 14"

Follow Rest
Max.swing diameter over cross slide  216mm 8.5"
6" 3 Jaw Chuck

Swing though gap

508mm 20"

8" 4 Jaw Chuck
Length of gap  238mm 9.4"
12" Face Plate

Max.distance between centers

 1016mm 40"
Change Gears
Spindle bore  38mm 1.5"
Chip Pan

Spindle nose

D1- 4

Full Length Splash Guard
Taper of hole in spindle Morse


Dead Center
Spindle taper adapter
Number of spindle speeds


Coolant System

Range of spindle speeds

40- 1800 RPM 
Work Light
Number of longitudinal and cross feeds
Four Way Tool Post

Metric thread kinds on processing

Metric thread pitch on processing

0.45- 7.5mm

0.017"- 0.3"

Inch thread kinds on processing

Inch thread pitch on processing  4- 112T.P.I on tailstock barrel

 70mm 2.8"
Taper hole of tailstock barrel Morse  MT.3#
Electric motor  3HP, 1Ph, 220V, 60HZ
Taper Attachment
Digital Readout Device
Net weight  994kg  2191lbs
Collet Attachment
Shipping Weight  1130kg  2491lbs
Quick Change Tool Post
Length of Bed  1384mm 54.5"
Chuck Guard & Leadscrew Cover
Width of Bed

260mm 10.2"

Height of Bed

 325mm 12.8"

Overall dimension
1925 x 749 x 1200mm
75.8" x 29.5" x 47.3"

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